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  • Nikita Stroganov

Get to Know: Andres Lopez

  • How are you staying physically active and maintaining fitness during the winter break?

It was important to get some time off, relax and recharge before the second half of the season. I enjoy going out on runs when its not freezing cold. I usually go for a run 2-3 times per week on the gym or outside to stay active and test different distances and times.

  • Are there specific aspects of your game that you're focusing on improving during this break?

Staying fit is my main focus during this break.

  • How do you balance relaxation and staying in peak performance mode during the winter break?

I've tried to stay active with winter sports and spending time with family.

  • Any favorite winter activities or hobbies you enjoy to unwind off the field?

Really enjoy horse back riding. Was able to relax and enjoy riding this winter

  • Have you set any personal goals for the second half of the season?

For the second half of the season my main goal is to keep enjoying the game and staying at the top of the team's  goal scores.

  • How do you adapt your training routine to the different weather conditions during the winter months?

I try to be out as much as possible. But had to adapt going to the gym and training indoors too.

  • Are there any particular matches or opponents you're looking forward to facing after the break?

Would like to play Kbely again as I believed we were the better team and deserved the W that game

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