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Meet the Prague Raptors Israeli Left-Back studying to become a Pilot

An Interview with Prague Raptors Left Back, Ilan Nemirovski - By Simona Lebánková


He is from Rehovot, Israel but currently studies is in Prague to be a pilot. "Since I was five I wanted to be a pilot. I can't imagine to do anything else than this" says our left-back Ilan Nemirovski. Which team inspires him and how would he describe people in Israel? Find more in the new interview with Ilan Nemirovski.

How did you feel before the pre-season?

We met some teams from higher league and it was kind of a challenge for us. We have learned a lot about ourselves, our teammates, about all the system. We just came on time, fixed everything and started to work. The results are great so far.

What do you think is the most important thing when it comes to team and players?

The chemistry between the players and communication. We need to understand each other and communicate before we play football. We are trying to improve this as well and we are developing every training.

Have you been playing before you came to Prague Raptors?

When I used to live in Israel I played every Friday. It was a memorial league of one pilot that died in training accident. I joined this team and started playing there.

Why did you choose the Raptors?

I was looking for some professional team to join. It was my dream to be a part of the system. I met some friends from the teams before we came to Raptors as we were playing in Letná. For me it was very important to find a football team where I can keep fit and play constantly. One of my friends recommended me to try, but it was after the trials. I sent a message and Daz has answered that I can come and try. And the rest is a history.

Is there a football player or team that inspires you?

Maccabi Haifa. I can't say that the team I support is the team that inspires me, because they are in a very bad condition, but the crowd inspires me, because they continue to fill up the stadium even if the team is not doing well. When it comes to players, the player in the French national team N'Golo Kanté is doing his job quite good. His skills and personality is great, he is working hard, but not making a fuss. I like his personality. You can see on the pitch that he can “break a leg” of somebody, but he is also a good player and seems like a kind person too.

Who do you think is the best player in the world now?

It's hard to say, because there is a lot of categories. But I would say that Kylian Mbappe, the young French boy is on the right way.

What do you think are your best skills?

I have long legs, so it's quite easy for me to take the ball from people. I am tall and I would say I am fast too. Still, I would like to develop more skills with the ball.

How long have you been in Prague?

Over one year. I am finishing my studies soon and then I will become commercial pilot. For now I am just a private pilot. I will try to apply for some job in Europe after I finish my studies. My priority is to stay in the Czech Republic and work here, but let's see what will happen.

Do you like Prague?

I do. It's a capital of Eastern Europe for me. It reminds me Israel a bit, because there is a lot of people from a different parts of the world.

What is the biggest difference between Israel and Czech Republic?

Food. The food in Israel is like 50 levels up. I would say, as a joke, that in Israel the most popular sport is eating. Eating great food. Food is everywhere you go - streets, restaurants, beach.

How would you describe Israelis?

Sometimes they say we are like cactus. From outside very sharp but inside very sweet. People in Israel are very warm, they will always help you, share with you. They are mentally very strong too.

If you wouldn't be a pilot, what would you do?

There is no chance. Since I was five I wanted to be a pilot. I can't imagine to do anything else than this.

Is there something we would be surprised to know?

People are sometimes surprised that I speak Russian. It's my native language, but people don't expect me to speak the language when they see me.

5 Questions with Ilan

Rehovot or Prague


Neymar or Salah


Follower or Leader


Football or Flying


Left or Right


You can follow Ilan on Instagram: @ilan_nemirovski


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