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We can proudly announce the signing of 2 excellent new coaches to our squad.

Martina Mastníková becomes the first dedicated coach for the Prague Raptors Ladies.

At just 17 she becomes the youngest member of our coaching team, but has a great energy and desire to improve her skills & knowledge. Martina is a student and currently coaches kids at Slavia Prague's Academy, where she is also a player - so obviously has some great schooling in training techniques & competitive football.

Aurelio Hernández López is a Spaniard based in Prague who has a strong history in coaching. He will be joining Head Coach Jon Davies as an assistant coach for the Men's team. You can read about Aurelio's experience in his own words:

"As a player, I took part in competitions organized by the Valencian Football Federation until the age of 18 playing for Alcasser (my hometown) and Teresianas-Torrent (my secondary school). In Prague I have played many League5 futsal tournaments, Hanspaulka league and joined the Letna Players group.

As a coach I started my career after passing successfully the first level coach diploma provided by the Spanish Football Federation in 2009. I have managed several teams going from 6 until 18 years old as a head coach for the football clubs I played for."

We are extremely excited to have both Martina and Aurelio here at the Raptors!

Interested in joining our coaching team? Get in touch: football@pragueraptors.com

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