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Raptors Men 2 – 1 FK Zlíchov, Raptors Ladies 0 – 1 FK Mělník | Match Reviews

Report by Barbora Klímová


Last weekend’s games were again a tough test both for the Raptors Ladies and Men.

If we say that the last game was the toughest one for the Raptors Men, we have to add that this weekend’s one was even tougher. The Men (without the usual captain Ionel David) started the game very well by scoring the goal in 10’ thanks to Lucian Zavoianu, however, after that the goal machine of Raptors slowed down and the Raptors men were not able to create many chances even though they worked tirelessly.

Zlíchov had several chances to level but 'keeper (and man-of-the-match) Arij Oosterling managed to keep them out on several occasions, including a great one-on-one save.

The score remained 0 – 1 until 75’ when Papamichael (while debuting) scored his very first league goal for the Raptors team and calmed the Raptors down. Although FK Zlíchov tried to reverse the game result and even scored in 88’, the Raptors managed to hang on, albeit it nervously. Final result 2 – 1 for the Raptors and very important three points to the table.

The Ladies did not continue their reputation of bad starts of matches. They started to game very actively and even though the opponent had seven more points in the table than the Raptors, they were pushing very hard.

A serious complication occured in the 22’ when one of the Raptors key players, Aurelie Jackson, injured herself and had to be substituted. However, the Ladies did not stop playing very well, even though they missed a little some effectiveness of attacking.

The half-time score was 0 – 0 and the audience could see a very promising performance of the Raptors Ladies. In the second half the Ladies started where they ended the first one.

However, they were not able to get a goal and in 82’, FK Mělník punished them – the opponent scored after a counterattack, when one of their attackers was faster than the defensive line of the Raptors, escaped the Raptors defenders, stood alone in front of Orozco and did not miss.

Again, a bad luck for the Raptors ladies. However, each game seems better and better for them and a positive spirit remains in the team. Next time = three points!

Congrats to Lady of the Match, Tala Tafech, who was resolute against a very fast and tricky Mělník winger.


Final Score: Raptors Prague 0 – 1 FC Mělník

Goal: Karhanová.

Raptors line-up: Orozco (GK) – Tafech, Marshall, Jackson, Gaspers – Sammarco – Šedivá, Abreu – Osterthun ©, Vanderveken, Chapman. Subs: Koh, Klímová, Stevenson, Antonyová, Santos.

Lady of the match: Tala Tafech


Final Score: FK Zlíchov 1 - 2 Raptors Prague

Goals: Pavlica – Zavoianu, Papamichael.

Raptors line-up: Oosterling (GK) – Gardie ©, Martín, Burlefinger, Jeunet (67’ Okaisabor) – Pellegrini – Papamichael, Guzman – Zavoianu (60’ Seyri), Aionitoaei (75’ Hammami), Sommer.

Man of the match: Arij Oosterling

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