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Raptors Men go into the Winter break in 3rd place | Match Reviews

Report by Barbora Klímová


The Raptors ladies played their last league game two weeks ago and are now looking forward to friendly matches coming soon. On the contrary, the Raptors men did not take a rest at all as they played another two games.

The first match seemed liked it would have a good, three-point ending for the Raptors men. They scored in 12’ for the first time, added one more goal during the first half and left the pitch with the halftime score 2 - 0... Everything looked to be going well and the team went into the changing room full of confidence.

However, Bílá Hora did not give up and a crazy ten minutes long period between 50’ and 60’ changed everything. First of all, the opponent scored in 52’. Six minutes later, the Raptors goal machine, Alex Aionitoaei increased the lead of Raptors to 3 – 1, but literally seconds after that, the score became equal as the opponent scored two goals in two minutes.

Since no team was capable of grabbing the winner, both Raptors and Bílá Hora took a point from this game. The result felt like 2 points lost for the Raptors after an amazing first half performance.

Man of the Match went to Israeli Left-back Ilan Nemirovski.

The second game was much calmer for the Raptors men. It was visible on the pitch that Raptors men wanted to take nothing else but three points. They controlled the game from the very beginning until the end when leading 3-0 in the half-time and adding seven more goals in the second half (three of them in the last ten minutes of the game).

Lucian Zavoianu grabbed a hat-trick, the pick of the goals was his loan strike from 20 years.

Tim Sommer, Alex Aionitoaei & Andrew Argent all scored 2 goals each. Sommer's second a penalty after the Advokat defender attempted to pick up the ball with his hands in the box.

George Papamichael grabbed the other goal, with the final score 10 – 1 for the Raptors Men.

The result from the last two matches of the Raptors is therefore 4 points and the third place before the winter pause with huge plans to attack the first place during the spring part of the season.

Both ladies and men team are now expecting to have some friendly games to get better and will keep in training sessions to come back stronger to the league in the spring.

Final Score: TJ Sokol Bílá Hora 3 – 3 Raptors

Goals: Šanda 2x, Macháček – Zavoianu, Jeunet, Aionitoaei

Raptors line-up: Oosterling (GK) – Nemirovski (82’ Marian), Okaisabor (66’ Orlov), Martín ©, Papamichael – Pellegrini – Guzman, Yassien (74’ Alnakhli) – Zavoianu, Aionitoaei, Jeunet (66’ El Mokhtary).

Man of the match: Ilan Nemirovski

Final Score: Raptors 10 – 1 TJ SK Advokát Praha

Goals: 2x Argent, 3x Zavoianu, 2x Sommer, 2x Aionitoaei, Papamichael – Adámek.

Raptors line-up: Semrád (GK) – Nemirovski, Okaisabor, Martín ©, Papamichael – Argent – Guzman, Yassien – Zavoianu, Aionitoaei, Sommer.

Man of the match:

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