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Slavia Prague U18 9-0 Prague Raptors

We always knew playing our 3rd ever match against a team of future Slavia Prague stars was going to be tough going and our hosts did not disappoint on the evening.

Our players massively enjoyed the opportunity to play against such a prestigious academy so early into our history but we struggled to keep up with the speed and technical abilities of Slavia.

We did have a few good chances in the game, including an indirect free-kick which went over the bar from Tim Sommer, a one-on-one opportunity for Badma Balzhinimaev towards the end of the game and a couple of long range efforts from Muhaab Yassien & Lucian Zavoianu.

We would like to thank the team and management from Slavia for not only hosting us but also welcoming us and playing in a respectful manner throughout the game. We hope that next pre-season we will have the chance to take them on again.

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