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Our First ever Academy football camp is launching!

This Summer the first ever Raptors academy camp will launch - it is our initial step in what will eventually become a full pre-season set of overnight camps, training and team building for kids in & around Prague - to start with though the day camp will run for 5 days this year, from August 1st - 5th.

Session Content

The days will be heavily focused on football, both in terms of technical learning but also explanations on why we do certain things, how the Raptors play, what we think makes a winning team and how to play fair and respect for one another. There will also be matches between the kids. It won't all be football though, there will be plenty of games and some exciting trips during the camp (meeting animals, seeing the city & keeping cool with water games).


Sessions will be held in English, but our coaches will speak at least 4 languages and there will be a maximum of 20 kids per coach.

Group Splits

Players will be split based initially on 5 age groups although this may change based on the numbers attending and also the experience of the individuals. Group 1: Ages 3,4,5

Group 2: Ages 6,7,8

Group 3: Ages 9,10,11

Group 4: Ages 12,13

Group 5: Ages 14,15

Girls and boys will play together, again potentially moved through age groups based on previous experience so everyone feels comfortable and enjoys the sessions.


Drop-off time will be at 8AM, giving parents plenty of time to get to work whilst leaving their kids safe with our coaches for the day. The sessions will finish at 16:30 when parents should be already on-site ready to pick up the kids. Of course if parents will be late just give us a heads up.

Group 1 (ages 3,4,5) should attend only until after lunch each day. They still get all of the extras and the cost is discounted by 50%.


We are still speaking to a couple of places about the location(s) and will update that in the coming days.


3,000CZK for the full week.


We have free places for refugee Children. Please contact us ASAP to be added to the list as spaces are limited (extras still included).

What you get extra

The cost includes daily lunch, snacks & drinks plus replica, personalised Raptors 'stripey' shirts & shorts set.

How to register

Email to sign-up now.

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