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Prague Raptors are a progressive, modern Football Club with a passion to help make the world a better place, whilst playing some decent football!

We are proud to have a strong value proposition that all our players, staff and partners agree to uphold at all times.

We created DESIRE to help remind everyone involved in our club, that we are more than just football. We want to use our platform to help make the world a better place, in whatever way we can.

Our club is entirely anti-discriminatory, and as such we will not hire or work with any partners who do not hold this and our other values in the same manner as we do.

See below to find out more about each of our values.

At Prague Raptors we are fully diverse and inclusive. Meaning we welcome players, staff, partners and supports from all nationalities, ethnicities, beliefs, gender and sexual orientations.

We are in the process of starting our first kids teams as part of the Micro Raptors Academy. Our focus will be on creating passionate, creative & respectful footballers of tomorrow in a professional but fun environment. We want to build confidence and skills of the next generation.

Social responsibility
Prague Raptors believe in helping those less fortunate and using Football to help make the world a better place - we are a non-profit Club. We are an official member of Fare Network, an amazing organisation helping to make the world more inclusive.

At Prague Raptors we strive for Innovation both on and off the pitch. Using the latest technologies and processes to promote our club, help our partners, improve training for our players and give more insight to our fans.

Prague Raptors are huge advocates of playing the game of football properly. We do not condone diving, faking injuries or cheating in any way to win games. We want to win in the right way!

Prague Raptors are building a passionate Football Club from the top to the bottom. We want staff, players and fans with high energy and a connected desire to climb the Czech football ladder.
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