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Raptors Launch fashion label, Attack As One

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

We are launching our very own fashion label - Attack As One. This new venture will focus on creating streetwear and eventually sportswear - with unique graphics and photography - focussed on football and other great sports.

Our plan is to have regular campaigns to promote topics close to our hearts...we will have the first news on that very soon - be excited!

As with the rest of what we do - Attack As One will not operate for it's own profit - any money made will go either into helping run the football club or to our charity partners. It is important to us that we continue to use our priveledge to help others - Attack As One is no different.

The project is launching alongside our marketing partner, Mayalukas - who are building the site and running marketing campaigns for the products.

Eventually we want to increase our range from the initial t-shirt launch to also include functional sports clothing...and we are going to kick that off early in 1 aspect - as Attack As One will become the official kit manufacturer for the Prague Raptors. We are very excited about the freedom of owning our own manufacturing & hope our supporters will like the new kits - it is not a huge change from our current designs but we think the subtle changes are sleek and fresh. In future we hope to also create kits for other teams - but right now our focus will be on streetwear.

Raptors President, Daz Moss, had this to say: "Of course I am very excited about this new project, it gives us the ability to reach more people, promote the brand and spread our message whilst hopefully generating profit that can either go into the club or back to our partners.

I am pleased that Harriet Marshall (Raptors central defender & Mayalukas digital manager) is going to be working closely with me on this project from a creative, marketing and photography aspect - she is very talented and will make sure we stick on the right path.

As we grow we want to look at other areas we can improve - for example our initial ranges are not going to be sustainable, but that would be an amazing place to get once we have sufficient capacity - maybe it is a little strange to call out something negative in our launch, but I think it is important to be honest with our fans & potential customers and for them to know the journey we are on if we expect them to join us on it"

Sales of Attack As One branded t-shirts and merchandise will launch in the Spring, with our first campaign launching soon after that. You can already see some mock-ups of the t-shirts below.

Raptors new kit designs will be launching in the next few days - with pre-orders opening at the same time, and first batch of orders delivered in early Summer.

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