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5-A-Side Football Debut | Prague Raptors

Yesterday we played in a borrowed kit, indoor and with a mixed team of guys and girls. This is not quite our long term plan but it was a fun introduction to the world of Football for the Prague Raptors.

The squad for the day included amateur players from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Portugal, Germany, Ireland, Georgia, Belgium, Netherlands, France,

It was a tough start as the competition was very strong - with 1 draw, 2 narrow defeats and a 4-0 hammering - but we kept our heads, had a good time and pushed ourselves hard.

We were the only mixed team at the event, and none of our team had met prior to kick-off but we still managed to put up a good challenge to our more seasoned opponents.

Congrats to Enrique Paredes from El Salvador for scoring our first ever goal - part of a brace in our second game of the day.

Man of the Match goes to goalkeeper Arij-Pieter Oosterling who put in a solid performance and made amazing saves in each game!

Later this month we will have our official trials and both the men's & women's teams will no doubt grow and learn. On to the next step!

Thanks to the guys at for organising the tournament.

Contact us to join the Raptors upcoming trials:

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