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Meet the Raptors: Anna Osterthun

Full Name: Anna Osterthun

Nationality: German

Raptors Shirt Number: 11

Position: Captain / Left Wing / Left back

Favorite Food: Cheese! Brunch

Favorite Drink: Sparkling water with Juice / Mojito

Favorite hobby: Traveling the world, one continent is still missing

What do you do outside of Football? Work at Porsche

Why did you decide to Join the Raptors Women's Team? My body shape was turning into a ball, so I thought what better than kicking one. Also team sports is the best way to find friends when moving to a new city - mission accomplished!

Favorite Raptors memory: Just love every time we get together, from the first slightly awkward meeting talking about forming the new team to the last corona Christmas party. Just love my girls!

Message to our supporters: Stay as you are, amazing supportive and positive!

#AttackAsOne #raptors #zenyfotbal #womensfootball #holkytaky

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