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  • Nikita Stroganov

Women's Winter Preparation Review

Embarking on our inaugural season in the Women's Czech Football 2nd tier, our team has embraced challenges, triumphs, and a strong sense of determination. Currently positioned at a respectable 6th in the league, this journey has been marked by resilience in the face of injuries, commendable results, and a defensive prowess that sets us apart.

Despite facing a significant number of injuries, our team has shown remarkable strength, securing 2 wins and 3 draws. Notably, we stand as the only team to snatch a point from the top-of-the-league Sparta Prague B, underscoring our competitiveness and ability to hold our ground against formidable opponents. As we navigate the challenges of the 2nd tier, our focus remains unwavering on the ultimate goal: securing safety in the league.

One of the standout features of our debut season is our defensive prowess. Conceding only 16 goals, we are currently the third-best defensive team in the league. This accomplishment speaks volumes about our team's resilience, discipline, and the strength of our defensive unit.

While our journey in the Women's Czech Cup may have concluded sooner than anticipated, our eyes are firmly fixed on the league. With four crucial games remaining, the singular objective is to clinch safety and make a mark in the 2nd tier. Every game becomes a pivotal moment as we strive to assert our presence and secure our standing in the league.

The upcoming home game on March 23rd marks a crucial juncture in our quest for league safety. The entire team is geared up to deliver a stellar performance and capture valuable points. It's a moment that encapsulates the resilience, passion, and hard work that defines our journey in Women's Czech Football. As we brace ourselves for the challenges ahead, the spirit within the team remains unyielding, and the hope for a successful debut season burns bright.

Stay tuned as we continue to break ground and make our presence felt in the Women's Czech Football arena.

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