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Meet the Raptors: Annamarie Táborská

Full Name: Annamarie Táborská

Nationality: Maltese / Czech

Raptors Shirt Number: 16

Position: Winger / Full Back

Favorite Food: Sea food / sushi

Favorite Drink: Champagne

Favorite hobby: Music, dancing, relaxing in sauna, outdoor activities

What do you do outside of Football? Used to work in a night club but due to COVID-19 I’m unemployed.

Why did you decide to Join the Raptors Women's Team? Because I love the multicultural spirit. Everybody is so unique and we make the best team.

Favorite Raptors memory: It's really hard to say best memory because there are so many precious moments. But I guess when I got named as the player of the match

Message to our supporters: Thank you so much for the best support. We always push ourselves more when we know that there are people supporting us. We love you!

#AttackAsOne #raptors #zenyfotbal #womensfootball #holkytaky

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