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Pay It Forward - Thanks To Our Partners

A special thank you to our academy partners & KOI Sports Elite Champions that are helping make it possible for us to train kids aged 3-14 twice per week as we prepare to enter the Czech leagues for the first sets of age groups in 2022:

  • Koi Sports CIC (David Johnson-Rayner)

  • Travel Counsellors (James Houtby)

  • Generation Youth CIC (Spencer Atkin)

  • Car Leasing Made Simple (Patrick Mulhall)

  • Independent Arbonne Distributor & Beverley Sankey Healthy Living Coach (Beverley Sankey)

  • SportingHer (Jessica Blissett)

  • Team FK Pro (Peter Faulkner)

  • One Creative (Steve Walker)

  • Total Release Experience (Caroline Purvey)

  • Creative Collaborators (Stacey Wragg)

Check our brochure & sign-up now to help more kids in Prague play football:

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