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Player Demographics | Prague Raptors

With just 1 week until our Men's trials, we take a look at the demographics of our amateur Men's & Women's players signed up so far. Including seeing how many local players we have and how many Expats are choosing the Raptors for their new home!

Most of our trialists are from Europe - 59 out of 78. We are pleased to have players from Africa (5), Asia (6), Central America (4), South America (3) & Oceania (1).

Germany is the most represented nation - providing 10 amateur men's & women's football players - followed by France (8) and Italy (7).

With a late flurry we managed to get a few more Czech players involved, and they will be the 4th most reprsented nation with 6 players. We are very please about that as want to be inclusive for everyone, not just expat footballers.

We have a heavy weighting towards midfielders but many of them have secondary positions upfront so we are not worried about that.

We would still like more ladies and hope to increase their split to 40% before the season begins.

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