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Prague Raptors: Free Academy places for refugees

We are deeply saddened about what is happening right now in Ukraine. As a club with both Ukrainian & Russian members we see the impact that these times are having on people close to our hearts - and still it is difficult for the rest of us to comprehend the pain everyone involved is feeling. We feel tremendous grief for those whose country is getting torn apart by an unnecessary war, and also to those who will be no doubt be persecuted for future generations due to the actions of their country's leadership which is beyond their control.

To help in our own small way we are opening up free places to refugees in our academy - not just for this season but forever. Of course we welcome any Ukrainian families who are entering Czech Republic during these difficult times, but also refugees from other countries around the world. We commit to having a minimum 25% free spaces in our academy available to those most in need. We wish we could help even more people and will continue to strive to find different ways to help people struggling from our privileged viewpoint.

We are also collecting much supplies to send to the people of Ukraine this Friday afternoon. Contact us if you are able to donate and we will let you know where to drop off and what is most needed.

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