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Prague Raptors Match Double-Header | Ladies vs. Dukla | Men Vs. Zlichov

By Stan Chetin


Hello Everybody! On 4th of August we will have our first ever double header! The Raptors Girls play against FK Dukla Praha and boys vs FK Zlichov. The first game starts at 14:00 on the home field in Zlicin and boy's game starts at 17:00 on the field of SK Zlichov (Ke Hrbitovu 58/5, 15200, Praha 9)

The football club FK Zlíchov was founded by football enthusiasts in 1914. Of sports success we can mention perhaps that the club played the second highest Prague competition and several times fought over several rounds of the cup, although it has never reached the medal places. The club entered the eyes of the football public when Mr. Emanuel Šmejkal, representative of Czechoslovakia was playing there.

The original title of Dukla was ATK - Army Sports Club. It was created in 1948 by eleven football players, who were serving in the army.

In 1946 he took part in the Allied Championship Championship and fought to the final. Under the name of the Army XI, but with a regular team of registered soldiers, the army of footballers began fighting in 1948 to compete in the highest competition.

In 1953 the ATC became the Central Army House in Prague. In the meantime, the creation of today's traditional jersey also started: a dark red jersey with yellow sleeves and a yellow collar or neckline, yellow shorts and red-and-yellow socks.

60s was one of the most famous in the history of the club. Especially in the first half of the sixties, Dukla did not have much competition at home. Between 1961 and 1964, it won four master titles in a row.

The ladies team is obviously a newer edition to the Dukla club but is very well established with a number of reserve and youth team categories.

Both games are against very well established teams and it will be great success to win them both and we believe, that we can do that!

Here is Luis (Head Coach of the the Raptors Ladies Team):

"This weekend we have another challenge we play against Dukla Praha, and I am very excited to see the improvement of the team.

We learned a lot with our mistakes in the previous game so hopefully we improved in a lot of aspects.

The players are exited for the game against Dukla Praha and we could see that on our last training session.

The players are focused in improving and that’s the most important thing, I am happy with what I saw on the pitch during our last session so I think we will do much better than our last game.

We have some key players injured so we will try our best to juggle around the players that we have available for the game. We are all exited and looking forward to the game!" Aurelio (Assistant Coach of the Raptors Men's Team):

"Personally I am excited about having another chance to play against a strong team which will require a high performance from our players.

For tomorrow's game our main goal is to add positive aspects and improve our game management as part of our preseason preparation.

In our first preseason ever we are struggling to perform at a good level for the whole 90 minutes. We have seen an improvement after our first friendly 2 weeks ago however, we don't stop here. We need to keep pushing and growing as a team in order to face the start of the competition with guarantees of success.

Our squad is ready to fight for the victory tomorrow even if our opponents are a more experienced team playing in a higher division. If we manage to apply in the game all the tactical concepts and the work we have been putting in since we started this adventure our chances of winning will be high.

We also expect great support from our fans which always give us the extra motivation we need hoping to making them proud to be part of the Raptors family."

All of us have positive expectations from this upcoming games and we really hope to see you there! But if you cannot attend L, then keep an eye on our Twitter feed for updates before, during and after the match tonight.

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