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Raptors 0-12 SV Eintracht Leipzig-Süd | Match review

By Daz Moss

Photos by Simona Lebánková


Saturday saw our girls play in their first ever match in a Raptors shirt, and for many their first full 90 mintues of amateur football. It was a tough day against an outrageously strong German side but the girls did not give up in tropical conditions.

Aside from the result it was a great day for the ladies and helped our coaches better understanding what needs to be worked on prior to the season kick-off next month.

The girls all rallied hard through the match, but a big shout out must go to Andy Roldan who, in the Raptors goal, made a string of great saves from the ever-advancing German side.

The girls are up next in just 7 days time!

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