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Raptors Ladies 1-1 LF3 | Prague Raptors

Updated: May 23, 2018

Our first ever Prague Raptors Ladies Football match ended in a hard-fought 1-1 draw.

The game started off pretty even with both teams showing good play in the middle of the park but neither team was able to break down the defence and have a concrete attempt on goal.

For the Raptors, Aurelie Jackson stood out early on in leading the team from the back and clearing up against a very fast and athletic LF3 team. Celeste Abreu had the best chances for the Raptors with several mazy runs into the box but unfortunately we failed to test the opposition goalkeeper.

As the first half progressed the pressure from LF3 grew and their higher fitness levels start to tell more and more. As we reached injury time the visitors continued to press and were eventually rewarded for their efforts with a strike from Mari Stenvold Wik.

Raptors Coach Aurelio Hernández rallied the troops during half time and the team came out much brighter. It took another 15 minutes, and a lot of chasing for them to get the equaliser. The goal came out of sheer luck following an unfortunate mistake by the LF3 goalkeeper, who placed the ball at the feet of Kate Ponomareva who finished calmly.

The goal lifted the Ladies confidence but pressure continued from the LF3 team, fortunately Man-of-the-match Aurelie Jackson and her back-line continued to be resolute and keeper Maria Orozco stayed quick on her feet to chase down any loose balls.

A great first game for the Raptors Ladies and huge thanks to our visitors. We hope to see you again soon!

Raptors: Maria Orozco, Aurelie Jackson, Phoebe Koh, Tala Tafech, Ayesha Andrade, Cindy Wiedemann, Marce Valverde, Kate Ponomareva, Lauren Rodgers, Celeste Abreu, Iris Sammarco, Šárka Antonyová

LF3: Andrea Hågård, Elena Victoria Romero, Hanna Ahlqvist Lundmark, Kathrine Østebø, Lena Løvik, Mari Stenvold Wik, Sofie Helvig, Stine Madelén Johannessen, Vânia Santos,

Vivian Le 

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