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Raptors Men go top, Raptors Ladies lose last match before the break | Match Reviews

Report by Barbora Klímová


The Raptors Ladies’ last match of the autumn part of the season was expected to be very tough as the last game against FK Baník Souš the ladies lost 14 – 1 while not having a goalkeeper (a midfielder Cindy Wiedemann was brave enough to stand in the goal).

This expectation was fulfilled in the 10’ when the opponent scored for the first time. The situation became even worse twelve minutes later after two more goals scored by Baník. After the third goal, the Raptors’ goalkeeper and the Lady of the last two matches, Maria Orozco, stayed lying on the grass as she was kicked into her back. However, she decided to stay and continue playing. The play got better in the rest of the first half by the Raptors’ ladies, the game became more balanced and in the last fifteen minutes of the first half we could see the best performance of the Raptors’ Ladies so far. They pressed Baník, had two big chances to score, however, none of them was successful.

The second half was a different story to the end of the first and teh Raptors really struggled. They tried to be more aggressive but overall they seemed to be a little bit tired as the ending was coming. Additionally, Maria Orozco had bigger and bigger health problems in the second half and eventually, she had to leave the pitch about twenty minutes before the end of the game. Her place was taken by our left back, Tala Tafech. The opponent was overall better, faster and more technical but there is nothing for the Raptors Ladies to be ashamed of. Though the opponent scored eight times, it was the best performance for the Raptors Ladies so far. The opponent was just simply better this weekend. We believe the winter pause & extra trainings will bring more physical condition and skills to each member of the team.

The Raptors men were fighting to go top again against TJ Točná, one of the better teams of their league. They reached a goal in 5’ thanks to the best and unstoppable striker Alex Aionitoaei and were even happier after a second goal of the team scored by Antuan Guzman. However, the opponent did not give up and scored as well very soon after the second goal of the Raptors which means the half time score was 2:1 for the Raptors.

The opponent continued pushing for another goal after the beginning of the second half and they were successful in the 51’, when Caprata overcame the Raptors defensive line including the goalkeeper Oosterling. The game score was equalized, but the Raptors never stop fighting and really showed that they wanted to win.

Ten minutes later, Tim Sommer scored and turned the score again for the Raptors. When Martín added one more goal four minutes after the previous one, everything seemed to be decided. TJ Točná tried and eventually grabbed another a goal in the last minute of the game but that was all they were capable to do and the Raptors’ men can celebrate three points and the return to top of the table.


Final Score: Raptors Prague 0 – 8 FK Baník Souš

Goals: Podaná 4x, Lukešová, Polívková, Tóthová, Váňová.

Raptors line-up: Orozco (GK) – Tafech, Marshall, Klímová, Gaspers – McCann – Abreu, Šedivá – Osterthun ©, Antonyová, Táborská. Subs: Hautala, Chapman, Davis, Koh, Sammarco, Vanderveken.

Lady of the match: Celeste Abreu.


Final Score: Raptors Prague 4 – 3 TJ Točná

Goals: Aionitoaei, Guzman, Sommer, Martín – Caprata 2x, Štyndl

Raptors line-up: Oosterling (GK) – Papamichael, Martín, Orlov – Zavoianu (75’ Seyri), Argent, David © (73’ Pellegrini), Guzman (77’ Yassien), Mohamed – Aionitoaei (71’ Okaisabor), Sommer.

Man of the match: George Papamichael

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