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Raptors vs. SV Eintracht Leipzig-Süd | Match Preview

By Stan Chetin


Today our girls will be playing against German team called SV Eintracht Leipzig-Süd. We are travelling all the way to Leipsig and we anticipate great match tonight! This game is very important for our team for several reasons:

1. It is first international game in our history. (I am sure that not many Czech teams, if any at all, had such games in their resume, especially for girls).

2. Our ladies are playing against German team, which is very tough and will give a lot of experience for our girls.

Here is what our girl’s head coach Luis Pereira has to say on the preseason and upcoming game:

“Our Preseason will be rough as we are a new team knowing each other as human beings and learning how to play Football together, and we are going to play against very experienced teams.

It will take time to be where we want to be, but we are on the right track to get there. Because a rough start doesn’t mean that we can’t achieve our goals, just means that we will probably need to work harder than all the other teams, but our players are committed to give their best every time they set foot in the pitch so hard work won’t be a problem at all.

Preseason is a happy time of year but very serious for us too, because it’s when you start to know your players and setting up club expectations your expectations and players expectations all together. And makes us exited to start and see what the team can do.

There’s a lot of details that we are focusing on during the Preseason and our players are responding amazingly to those details and what expectations we have for them.

We are all aware that we need to get better and better together, so that we can start of our season with good results. We know the talent is there and we can see it every time we are together in the pitch, and every day we can witness a big improvement form all the players individually and as a TEAM which is more important.

Tomorrow’s game will be our first challenge, we will be playing against SV Eintracht Leipzig-Süd a team that has probably been playing together for a while now, but our players are more than ready to take up this challenge and to fight for a good result.

We are excited for the fact that we will be playing against a German Team, which are well known to be organized teams and strong physically, so we expect a very physical game tomorrow, but once again I am more than confident that our team is prepared for the challenge.”

Although it is a friendly game, we will support our girls, as it is regular season! Go Raptors!

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for updates before, during and after the match tonight.

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