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Raptors Women - Season so far

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Our 2020 Season started with a bang and ended somewhat in the same fashion. Nonetheless we are experienced in the unfortunate covid-induced season pausing having had Covid abruptly discontinue our season earlier this year.

Although we had many debuting players: Nicole Gladys, Lily Hofman, Tereza Vytlačilová and Linda Vesela (no.2), both from FK Dukla Praha, it is evident that we as a team are able to seamlessly adapt and evolve to new play with each other. During the season we managed to attract another talented player, Nikola Valentova but this time from FC Hradec Kralove, and we cant wait for her official debut.

This season we have the strongest team in our history, with a talented starting 11 and strong subs on the bench. Even though we finished the first half of the season on the top of the league, we know that we didn't accomplish anything yet and we need to keep fighting to reach our goals as a team and as a club.

Now that it seems that our season will start again in February, we will focus on picking up where we left from and fight to be champion and promoted. Hope to see you all supporting us at our games and we can't wait for the start of the second half of the season.

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