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Raptors Women: The New Season Countdown Has Begun

After promotion and dominant season, the Raptors Women are focused on continuing to grow the team’s success.

Following a successful campaign, the Raptors Women FC finished the 2021/22 season in first place, only dropping points one game.

In the seasons before last, the women’s team saw their effort going to waste as the pandemic got worse and the rules prevented the season from continuing. However, everything came back to normal eventually and the team got to showcase their talent in the 22/23 season.

In a conversation with Peter Williams, assistant coach of the Raptors Women, he said “It was a relief - finally! Because after two years of covid, it’s like we finally got promoted and the covid stopped the promotion. So, to actually finally do it was a relief because we kind of thought it was done by November”.

At the end of season, our women’s team finished first place and made it to the quarter finals of the FA Cup, but unfortunately lost to FC Viktoria Plzeň. As a proud Head Coach, Luís Pereira has nothing but compliments about the Raptors Women performance: “We have been working hard, so I think it was awesome that we won to be honest. And we know that we deserved it. Actually I think we even deserved a bit more - even on the cup and everything - but I think we felt good”.

Regarding the pre-season games so far, Luís says it has been “slow” since many of the players are away and on holidays, which makes it difficult for the team to be the same throughout the sessions.

However, this does not stop the team and coaches from aiming big this year. Just like last year, the goal is to, not only win the championship but to get a promotion and make it to the FA Cup finals - and who knows, win it all!

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