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Ary-Pieter Oosterling Signs | Prague Raptors

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

Ary is our first Goalkeeper announcement - he recently impressed us both during a League 5 Futsal tournament as well as at our player trials. Not only is Ary proving to be a good shot-stopper but also a leader with passion and desire to win.

Age: 36

Position: Goalkeeper

Country: Netherlands

Profession: Support Supervisor at CDK Global

Favourite Team: Ajax and Tottenham Hotspur


I've been playing football since age of 5 in the Netherlands, highest I played was 3rd division. I have always been left wing or center forward however since I moved to Prague 7 years ago I picked up goalkeeping and been doing that ever since, played here for DHL, some hanspalka and last seasons for Taverners.

Quote: "I have been playing my whole life football no matter where I have been living, and am very excited to join this project. To get back in proper competition is great for me and to do this with such a multicultural team even more so!"

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