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American Ben Zilka signs for Prague Raptors

Meet our new Raptors Men's midfielder - By Simona Lebánková


How did you get to Prague Raptors ?

I came to Prague to be an English teacher in September. One day in December I was scrolling through Facebook and saw an ad about the Prague Raptors and that they were holding trials in mid January. I emailed Daz the President telling him I was interested in coming to the trials and fortunately for me they got to see me play and kept inviting me back until I officially made the team.

What is your favourite football team?

My favorite football team is Arsenal FC.

How did you gain your football experience?

Growing up in the United States its not common to be a football (soccer) fan, but fortunately for me I grew up in a household that only played and watched football. I remember when I was really young my dad bought satellite TV for the sole purpose to never miss a big game being played around the world. My family grew up watching the Premier League and my favorite player was Thierry Henry so thats why I'm an Arsenal fan. So from the time I was born I've been playing football competitively, all the way through to college, where I played 2 seasons at SUNY Morrisville and 2 years at SUNY New Paltz.

What do you do in your free time? (what do you enjoy)

My hobbies are playing/ watching football, going out with friends, hiking, skiing, surfing, and laying on the beach.

5 Questions with Ben

Ronaldo or Messi?

If you split Messi and Ronaldo's careers in half I would say first half Messi and second half Ronaldo. But after they retire I believe we will look back and say Messi was the greatest of all time.

Beach or Mountains?


Beer or Wine?


Leader or Follower?


Premier League or Champions League?

Premier League.


We will be unveiling more new signings in the coming days. Make sure to sign-up to our Facebook page to keep up with all the latest news.

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