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Fenix Trophy: Rome preview

Rome is waiting for us this Wednesday, as the Raptors Raptors will face Lodigiani Calcio 1972. It's the team's first time in Italy so in conversation with the players and club captain, we try to understand how they feel about this exciting game away from home.

The players seem to be prepared for this competition on the field, let's wait until the end of the game to see how it goes and if we can manage to build on the 3 points we gained in Hamburg last month.

Are you looking forward to the match? The game will also be streamed live online so make sure to check out the YouTube channel.

Quotes from staff & players

Club Captain, George Paling: "It's nice to have the opportunity to play in an international tournament, I've been lucky to have played in similar when younger, but doing this especially after covid is a great idea and great for the clubs involved. For us players, we're dividing our minds between the league matches and cups, as well as the Fenix Trophy, we want to win everything. We are looking forward to putting ourselves up against the other teams to see how our styles are different and get as far as we can. After last 2 season's being cancelled, we just want to play football."

Midfielder, Joshua Schirmer: "It's exciting to travel to other countries as a team and represent Czech football in an international tournament. This is a great experience for the players and the club to gauge how far we've come in the club's short history. I'm mostly looking forward to the team bonding during travel, meals and the time spent together pre- and post-match. The games are the business end of the experience and we'll be ready for each of them."

Left back & Commentator for the match, Dean da Lanca: "I thoroughly enjoyed our first match in Hamburg and we couldn’t ask more of our hosts for providing great hospitality. I’m really looking forward to our second match in Italy. It will be another great experience for the players, another style of football, another culture with different temperaments, it will be new for us. We want to do our best, we want to dignify ourselves and the Czech Amateur league that we play in. Outside of football there is all the banter, the jokes, laughter and new friendships, the memories that all players, fans and everyone involved in this unique tournament will keep forever… the best part for me."

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