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First point for the Raptors Ladies | Raptors Men score 28 times | Match Review

Report by Barbora Klímová


This week, it was the first game for Sacha Vanderveken, this weekend's Ladies’ captain and one of the key player for Raptors. The Ladies welcomed FK Postoloprty, a team with one point in the table, and presented themselves with a promising performance.

It was a slightly cold weather and light breeze blew, but the Raptors ladies started the game actively, trying to press the opponent. Nevertheless, they seemed to also be a little bit nervous and though they were better than the opponent, all the chances they had ended just before the penalty area.

The half time result was therefore 0:0 as none of the players was able to score even though the viewers could also see a lot of individual faults in both teams. After the break the opponent scored. The Raptors goalkeeper, Maria Orozco, went out of the goal to catch the ball, but she lost the duel to her opponent and Douchová had a simple job to do – just kicked the ball to the exposed goal which Orozco was unable to cover as she did not have time to get back to it.

However, less than ten minutes later, Vanderveken was fouled in the penalty area. It was Šedivá who was calm enough to take the ball and kick the penalty and she did so very well – 1:1. A few minutes later, Rodgers seemed to be fouled in the penalty area as well, but this time, the referee did not give the penalty, the final result was 1:1. A first historical point for the Raptors ladies!

The Men’s squad met one of the teams from the bottom of the table and it was visible on the pitch from the very beginning that the Raptors would have a good day against Football Club Prosex.

The first player who completed his hat-trick was Saleh Mohamed (it was 32’ when he scored for the third time), however, it was not enough for him as he scored six times altogether.

Other records were set this weekend. For example El Mokhtary was the best scorer on Sunday (unbelievable seven goals), he completed his hat-trick in 11 minutes between 47’ and 58’. The half time score was 13:0.

And there were five players altogether, who scored three or more goals! Man of the Match Lucian Zavoianu bagged 3 of his own, along with a handful of assists.

All in all, it was again an amazing performance from the Raptors team. Eventually, also the home team scored – almost in the end of the match thanks to Mařík (84’).


Final Score: Prague Raptors 1-1 FK Postoloprty

Goals: Šedivá – Douchová

Raptors line-up: Orozco (GK) – Stevenson, Marshall, Jackson, Gaspers – Samarco – McCann, Šedivá – Davis, Antonyová, Vanderveken ©. Subs: Rodgers, Wiedemann, Valverde Ramos, Maciejewski

Lady of the match: Sacha Vanderveken


Final Score: Football Club Prosex 1-28 Raptors Prague

Goals: Mařík - El Mokhtary 7x, Mohamed 6x, David 5x, Aionitoaei 4x, Zavoianu 3x, Jeunet, Argent, Pellegrini

Raptors line-up: Oosterling (GK) – Gardie (46’ Okaisabor), Martín, Orlov, Jeunet – David © – Alnakhli (69’ Argent), Guzman (46’ El Mokhtary) – Zavoianu (69’ Chiodi), Aionitoaei (46’ Pellegrini), Mohamed

Man of the match: Lucian Zavoianu.

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