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Join the Prague Raptors FC International Business Group

Join us.....

An opportunity has arisen for businesses in the Czech Republic and across the world to join the Prague Raptors FC International Business Group, and, as a result, share in the future success of our Club.

With us now participating in the coveted Fenix Trophy competition, along with other renowned amateur Football Clubs from across Europe, opportunities for international exposure for our Business Group Members, are very real.

With 15 UK-based businesses already on board, this is a fantastic time for you to join. As part of the group you have a role in helping us to drive our girls & boys football academy and social responsibility projects forward.

This 60-minute presentation will showcase the Club and the launch of our International Prague Raptors Business Group.

Your attendance at this event will give you "priority" over others when it comes to this time-sensitive opportunity.

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