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Marin Marian Signs | Prague Raptors

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

We first met Marian at the 5-a-side torunament we took part in last month so have had a lot of chance to watch him in action. Marin has performed consistently throughout his appearance and his no-nonsense defending is sure to help us achieve our goals this coming season.

Age: 27

Position: Defender

Country: Portugal

Profession: I am working in Johnson and Johnson as a Cash Collector.

Favourite Team: AC Milan since a kid, but in the last 10 years big fan of West Ham Untied.


I have been playing football since a kid in a club called GDB Braganca in Portugal, then I played futsal for 2 years and moved back to 11 football in several clubs in the local region. In Prague I played for Praha 1999 (6th division).


" Fight together or die alone."

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