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Meet the Raptors Mascots

We are extremely excited to officially introduce you to our official mascots, Lukas & Maya Moss.

Lukas was actually the one who originally came up with the Raptors name and colour scheme - along with his Dad, Raptors President Daz Moss, whilst on holiday at his Nana's house back home in Yorkshire.

Lukas always attends the Raptors training sessions and matches with his family and is a huge supporter of the club and players - he hopes to play for the Raptors when he is older.

Lukas' Sister Maya becomes our other mascot.

Like her Brother, Maya loves to go watch the Raptors and spend time with all of the players - especially those who carry her around the sidelines.

Maya is a big fan of the colour pink - so insisted on us creating a unique Raptors kit just for her - the kit is now available in both kids and adult sizes on our e-shop.

Lukas (Blue) and Maya (Pink) will now become the official names of the Raptors on our club badges & merchandise.

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