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Our first ever podcast - SHE CAN't - Attack As One - Prague Raptors Women's Football

This week we launched our first ever podcast as we gathered players based in Czech Republic, England & Nigeria to discuss Women's football - including how social media needs to be improved to support the game and why Women's football no less important than Men's football. We hope you all enjoy watching.

Thank you so much to our special guests Florence (Bravehearts FC), Precious (Bravehearts FC), Kirsty (FC United of Manchester) & Ivana (Sports Lawyer) joining Holli, Anna, Luis & Petra from the Raptors to discuss these important topics.

#AttackAsOne #FotbalPraha #Raptors #FootballForAll #ZenyFotbal #HolkyTaky #WomensFootball #SheCan't

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