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Prague Raptors Ladies at the Global Goals World Cup

On June 29th the Prague Raptors Ladies spent the afternoon playing at the Global Goals World Cup here in Prague. The tournament occurs around the world and involves each team playing on behalf of one of the 17 UN Global Goals...and we chose Gender Equality.

Although this is something instilled in us as a Club, we have spent the last few weeks really showing the world how strong our Ladies are - with photoshoots and interviews with those taking part in the tournament.

We managed to win 3 out of the 4 'football' sections in the group stage but unfortunatley did not progress to the semi-finals. Fans and players still had a great day and we are looking forward to appear in the next event.

Big thanks to Kozlov Ilia for the amazing video ⚽🦖 We are proud of our ladies team fighting for Gender Equality and want to thank everyone who came to support us! 💙 #AttackAsOne#goRaptors #RaptorsFamily #StrongTogether


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