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Q&A with the Prague Raptors Men's Team

Get to know the Raptors - By Simona Lebánková

Do you think it is a lot of pressure for Raptors to be on TV or do you see it as an opportunity?

Muhaab Yassien: It will give us a motivation to play and show people that we know how to play.

George Papamichael: I don’t think it is a pressure, but we have it in our minds. I think it will be alright.

Iriah Okaisabor: I don’t think the team will notice the cameras.

Mattia Chiodi: It is exciting. It is more fun than pressure.

Ilia Kozlov: Not at all. I am excited about our viewers.

Saleh Mohamed: It is both at the same time. It is a great opportunity, but we have never played on TV.

Mexa Seyri: I think everyone will play more individually and will listen to our coach.

What is the strength you’ve been able to rely on in last three games?

Muhaab Yassien: We became more close to each other, and we found out the weakness and the strongest points of us. I think the chemistry is getting better between players.

Aurelio Hernández: The combination game. Nobody took the ball on their own, but the goal came from the collective action.

Saleh Mohamed: We have good midfield now and it’s more easy to play the game from defenders to midfield.

Mexa Seyri: The combination game got much better. We had a lot of new players so we had to get used to each other, but now we are even better. Also we are more close to each other now.

Who do you think wins Champions League?

Muhaab Yassien: Ajax.

Iriah Okaisabor: Ajax.

Mattia Chiodi: Ajax.

Ilia Kozlov: Ajax.

Ionel David: Barcelona.

Saleh Mohamed: Ajax.

Alex Aionitoaei: I hope Ajax.

Aurelio Hernández: Barcelona.

Mexa Seyri: I am a fan of Barcelona, so Barcelona.

If there will be a hat-trick on Sunday, who do you think will score?

George Papamichael: Alex, Mauri and me obviously.

Iriah Okaisabor: Mattia.

Mattia Chiodi: I would like to say me, but probably Alex because I am injured.

Ilia Kozlov: Alex, ideal if we our playing without own goals.

Saleh Mohamed Alex and Mattia.

Alex Aionitoaei: It could be Mattia since he has been scoring recently a lot, but our striker is back, so he is looking for a double hat-trick.

Aurelio Hernández: Alex.

Ionel: Alex and maybe Mattia.

Alex, you are the Top scorer of the team and right after you is Mattia. What are you going to do to make sure you will stay the Top Scorer?

Alex Aionitoaei: I think our positions on the pitch shows who is suppose to score and who is suppose to pass. I am going to do my job, which means being the Top Scorer.

What did you do well to win your last game?

George Papamichael: We tried to play our philosophy. We passed the ball around and even though the first 15 minutes we’ve been a bit unstable, we just passed it and we played well.

Which famous player has the most similar characteristics to Antuan?

George Papamichael: Sergio Busquets.

Which famous player has the most similar characteristics to Mauri?

Mattia Chiodi: Juan Riquelme but leftie.

Which famous player has the most similar characteristics to Muhaab?

Saleh Mohamed: Willian from Chelsea.

Which famous player has the most similar characteristics to Mattia?

Alex Aionitoaei: He reminds me Pirlo with his style of play, but with his attitude he reminds me a bit of Gattuso.

Ionel David: He is a classic number 10. Maybe A. Del Piero.

Which famous player has the most similar characteristics to Alex?

Aurelio Hernández: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

What streghts Prosex have?

Iriah Okaisabor: They don’t give up, that’s for sure. Last time, they kept going and didn’t stop until they scored 1 goal.

Mattia Chiodi: They don’t give up until the end.

Alex Aionitoaei: Attitude. Despite the score was really large last time, they were still motivated to do something and the result of their motivation was that they scored one goal.

Ionel David: They believe they can do it and they have some new players now, so let’s see.

Who is the best Czech speaker in the team?

Iriah Okaisabor: Mexa.

Ilia Kozlov: Ben Zilka.

Alex Aionitoaei: Mexa, Vlad and then Mattia.

Aurelio Hernández: Mexa and Vlad, but they are here for long, so Max.

Mexa Seyri: Me of course.

Alex is the best scorer in Raptors, but you are right after him. What are you planning to do to take the title away from him?

Mattia Chiodi: Considering that he has an average per goal per minute of 60 minutes, so he scores every 60 minutes and I do every 37 minutes, so I think I can catch up easily. There is still 9 games coming, so I still have time to win this title if I am not injured.


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