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Raptors Men 13-0 TJ Slavoj Suchdol "B" | Raptors Ladies 1-14 Ervěnice/Souš | Match Review

Report by Barbora Klímová


The Raptors team is affected by very contradictory feelings from this weekend matches.

The Men presented themselves with an amazing performance again. They did not let their opponents (TJ Slavoj Suchdol "B") take a chance on scoring a goal and scored an unbelievable amount of goals – five in the first half and eight in the second one means thirteen altogether! A great performance was shown by all of the players, however, one of them played extra perfectly – it was Alexandru Aionitoaei, who scored two hat-tricks in one match and made a new record for Raptors to be hardly broken up by another player.

However, the second (and the first away) match of the league had a very disappointing course for Raptors ladies. Raptors came to play in Most without goalkeeper (and it was the defender Cindy Wiedemann who was brave enough to take the goalkeeper shirt), but with some new players who introduced themselves in the team of Raptors. The beginning of the match against Ervěnice/Souš was promising and Raptors even led after a goal scored by the newest Raptors player, Annamarie Táborská. However, the home team answered in two minutes and even scored three more goals, the halftime result was 4:1 for Baník. And everything got even worse in the second half. Eventually, ladies lost the game 14:1 while six goals of Baník were scored in the last 16 minutes of regular game time.


FK Baník Ervěnice/Souš – Raptors Prague 14:1 (goals: Polívková 4x, Lukešová 4x, Podaná 3x, Váňová, Svobodníková, Novotná - Táborská)

Raptors line-up: Wiedemann (GK) – Tafech, Jackson ©, Sammarco, Gaspers – McCann, Šedivá, Pappová – McIntyre, Táborská, Antonyová. Subs: Valverde Ramos, Maciejewski.


Raptors Prague – TJ Slavoj Suchdol 13:0 (goals: Aionitoaei 6x, Argent 2x, Alnakhli 2x, David, Guzman, Orlov)

Raptors line-up: Lafitte (GK) – Martin, Gardie, David © (46’ Argent), Guzman (61’ Seyri) – Orlov, Marian, Zavoianu (82’ Balzhinimaev) – Aionitoaei, Yassien (46’ Pellegrini), Burlefinger (Alnakhli)

Man of the match: Alexandru Aionitoaei.

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