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Raptors Blue 3-2 Raptors Black | Prague Raptors

Updated: May 3, 2018

Our first ever internal friendly featured players from both the Raptors Men's and Ladies teams. A very balanced game saw the Blue Raptors eventually come out as winners.

Prague Raptors' Ionel David chased down by Muhaab Yassien & Antuan Guzman
Ionel David chased down by Muhaab Yassien & Antuan Guzman

The game begin with a lot of end to end football but with a lack of clear cut chances. The deadlock was broken with the first ever Raptors goal scored by winger Anna Osterthun, who calmly tucked away the spot kick left to her by Florian Jeunet - sending the Black Raptors into a 15th minute lead.

Ayesha Andrade | Prague Raptors
Ayesha Andrade | Prague Raptors

On the 22nd minute the Blue Raptors equalised, with a goal from the left side of the box from Romanian Ionel David.

At half-time the teams went in 1-1. It was a blistering hot day and by that point everyone was ready for a well-deserved but short-lived rest.

The second half began much similar to how the second had finished, with both teams looking to press and push the ball forward at each opportunity.

Andrew Ryan & Ionel David | Prague Raptors
Andrew Ryan & Ionel David | Prague Raptors

Muhaab Yassien provided Heri Castilla with the assist for the 3rd goal on the 3rd minute, with the Black Raptors taking the lead for the 2nd time in the game.

With pressing from both sides it started to look like the game would play out with a Black Raptors win but on the 77th minute that all changed - Ionel David scored again following some confusion inside the box.

Florian Jeunet & Jiri Toman | Prague Raptors
Florian Jeunet & Jiri Toman | Prague Raptors

The Blue Raptors now had their tails up and just 8 minutes later the Blue Raptors scored from a corner kick taken from the right-hand side. Alberto Pellegrini with the assist for a looping Carlos Montón Martín header to seal the victory for the Blue Raptors!

Man of the Match

As this was our first ever game we decided to call out 2 players (1 Mens and 1 Ladies player) from each team for the Man of the Match Award. Congrats to all!

  • Florian Jeunet

  • Ionel David

  • Harriet Marshall

  • Anna Osterthun

Prague Raptors Full 2018/19 Squad
Prague Raptors Full 2018/19 Squad

Black Raptors

Ary Oosterling, Florian Jeunet, Izzy Okaisabor, Andrew Ryan, Phoebe Koh, Antuan Guzman, Muhaab Yassien; Ayesha Andrade, Heri Castilla, Anna Osterthun(C); Ilan Nemirovski 

Subs: Marcela Valverde, Florian Lafitte, Sarka Antonyova

Blue Raptors

Andy Roldan; Marin Marian, Harriet Marshall, Carlos Montón Martín , Maxime Gardie (C), Ionel David, Cindy Wiedemann, Celeste Abreu, Saleh Mohamed, Badma Balzhinimaev, Ghassen Hammami

Subs: Abdallah Essa, Alberto Pellegrini, Xavier Terrine, Jiri Toman

Photo Credit:

Trevor Marshall

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