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Sacha Vanderveken Signs | Prague Raptors

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

In the coming days we will be announcing our 2018/19 Squad list for the Prague Raptors Ladies Football team, but we wanted to make a special announcement about our first ever ladies player - Sacha Vanderveken.

It is thanks to Sacha, and her work with the Raptors Management team, that we have managed to put together a squad at all.

Originally the plan was to look at making a formal Ladies squad in 2019/20 but with Sacha's help on recruitment of players we are 1 year ahead of schedule.

Sacha is a very talented forward player and we are super excited to watch her in action this pre-season and beyond!

Age: 24 years

Country: Belgium

Profession: International Lawyer

Position: Striker

Previous Experience: Played 2 years in a team in Belgium

Favourite Team: Real Madrid

Interested in joining the Raptors Ladies team? Get in touch today:

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