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The Left-back Who Writes Her Own Music

An Interview with Prague Raptors Ladies Player, Tala Tafech - By Simona Lebánková


She is only 19, but already writing her own music - "The next step is getting into producing and DJ-ing." It has been three years since she moved from Beirut (Lebanon) with her family. Why did Tala and her family moved to Prague and who is her inspiration in football? Read about this and more in an interview with Tala Tafech:

How are you enjoying your summer?

It´s getting hot here, but it´s great. There is so many places you can go and things you can do. I usually go to the river – Náplavka. There is a kayak beach bar and you can play beach volleyball with your friends. It´s a great place for team building.

How long have you been in Prague?

It´s been three years. I think I learned everything except Czech language.

What was the purpose of moving here?

I moved with my family to secure our future. In general, I believe the life here is better. Economically, politically. We feel much safer and have more opportunities than we had in Lebanon.

You were only 16 when you came here. Was it hard to get used to?

Language was a struggle. We were trying to get used to our surroundings and make a lot of friends. Thanks to school, I found a lot of friends. And I was very happy when this club started. It feels like a family. .

Is there something you´re missing?

It´s definitely food. Lebanese food is something I miss every day. If you ever go to Lebanon, you shouldn't miss the restaurants and food markets. The beach life and food are the highlights of my country.

How do you feel about Czech food?

It´s quite heavy. Honestly, I couldn't rely on it every day. I would like to get more fit and be able to be in a good condition for the football team, so I eat Czech food very rarely.

What´s your favourite food?

Actually it´s pizza and hummus. Now when I think about it, I might make a hummus pizza one day!

How did you get to Prague Raptors?

I was looking for a football team I could join and found Prague Raptors on the internet. However, first it looked like they were not going to start a women´s football team this year. Luckily, thanks to our team mate, Sacha Vanderveken, it happened. And I think we are a great team.

What would you say to someone who wants to get into football?

I would say that the player needs to be open to new things. You cannot think that you already know everything. Every day, every training session there is something new to learn. Even the best player needs to improve. No one is perfect, not even in football. So stay open to challenges, be inspired and stay focused. And don´t forget to think about others on the pitch, because communication is the key.

How would you describe your football style?

I used to play aggressive. But now I would say – focused.

Is there someone in football who inspires you?

It´s actually a goalkeeper - David de Gea. He is very focused, and makes mistakes very rarely. Then also Marcus Rashford. He´s about my age and very mature on the pitch. Not causing any problems, just focusing on doing his best. Obviously, my favourite team is Manchester United. You can put that in bold!

I heard that you are really into music. Tell me more about how did you get into it?

When I was really young, my brother brought a guitar in the house. He used to play and I did too. But I stopped playing guitar for a couple of years. When I came here I bought my first acoustic guitar. I started playing every day got really into it and started doing covers. I was lucky that at school I was surrounded by a lot of great musicians who were making their own music. I started writing my own music and getting a good feedback from them and support. It all made me realize how much I like the music and how it unites people. I decided I want to do it for the rest of my life. Soon I will be starting a music production school and getting into DJ-ing. I´m very excited about it.

Why have you decided for music production?

You have to create, you have to know the instruments you use and of course, song writing is a big part of it too. I write every day, at least for 15 minutes. I play guitar, drums. Production mixes everything.

Anything else you like except music?

I really want to do something what would be useful for the environment. Just like growing trees, raising awareness, recycling, because I think it´s very important and everyone should be a part of making our planet better not worse. My sister is really into this, she likes bio-plastics and recycling. Maybe I could be helping her in the future while making music.

Is there anything we don´t know about you?

I´m terrified of flying. The whole concept of something flying in the air for hours just scares me. And I don´t like make-up, but all of my friends know this one already!

Any other sports you follow?

I used to follow tennis. I like Rafael Nadal, he is a really cool guy and I like his story. His uncle was very harsh on him. But the fact that he was hard on him made him who he is now.

What word should I know if I want to go to Lebanon?

Shawarma. Don´t say kebab unless you want to make someone upset!


Ronaldo or Messi? Messi

Pizza or Pasta? Pizza

Leader or Follower? Follower

Left foot or right foot? Right foot

Beirut or Prague? Prague


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